By Roger Chartier:

For 2017 it is down by 2 cents per mile from 19 cents to 17 cents per mile.

The 2016 mileage allowance is 54 cents a mile.

What was the IRS medical mileage deduction for 2015?
The answer is that it is down by a half penny from the previous year to twenty-three cents per mile.
So $0.23 cents per mile as an allowance for medical miles driven is not so bad in the end as it usually covers the cost of your fuel.

The IRS medical mileage deduction for 2014 had been at 23.5 cents a mile driven.

For the future years, as soon as the Internal Revenue Service informs us it will be posted here.

Check this same website toward the end of autumn of 2016 for the IRS Mileage Deduction Rate for that year.

Every year it ends up being about slightly less than half of the allowance deduction for business miles.

Take advantage of the amount of deduction as the government isn't always giving us deals that work out so well.

You have to record the miles that you drive when they are driven (same day) and on a log, so we have a free log available for you.

You should print the free mileage log here.

The Internal Revenue Service will be concerned about the accuracy of these records.
The IRS won't let you just guess and fill it all in at the end of the year they want it to be exact.

Consider a trip from a small town to a bigger city for specialized treatment once a week.
If the medical facility is 50 miles from home you have to drive back as well, so it is a 100 mile trip.

The medical mileage rate allowance would give you a worthwhile deduction per trip.
If you make the trip once a week for 10 weeks, you could take a ten times larger medical mileage deduction. Again use the mileage log.